We help going global


We are a venture capital firm founded in 2015 by tech entrepreneurs and former partners of DST.
Since the founding we have invested more than $100m in tech companies across the US, Africa and Emerging Europe.

Our strategy

We partner with our entrepreneurs during their late seed or early series A funding rounds, when they are seeking equity to achieve their next milestone after having already established a product-market fit.
We seek out stories which have the potential to scale beyond their domestic markets and go global.

Our process

We understand how stressful and distracting the whole fundraising process can be, and we want our partners to focus on the one thing that matters to them the most: building successful businesses.
That is why, if we like the story, we typically provide an investment termsheet within 3 weeks from meeting the founding team, and take not more than 3-4 weeks for diligence, before providing the funds.

Partnering with Redseed

In our experience, the right advice or timely introduction can have a tremendous impact on a young business.
At Redseed, when we partner with founders and their teams, we offer them the full breadth of our business network and knowledge, helping with such matters as strategic decisions on global scaling, new market entries, senior level recruitment, subsequent fundraisings and IPO preparation processes.